$25 Reservation Deposit

Required within 48 hrs from the time the order is taken to guarantee reservation (24 hrs. if order of $100 or less, or 25% of total balance, whichever is greater). NONREFUNDABLE. If customer cancels due to weather or emergency we will hold deposit for up to (1) year. From rental date in a raincheck file (allowed 2 raincheck reschedule dates per deposit). No raincheck will be given once equipment contract is signed, so please inform the office in advance if canceling your rental.

$50 Reservation Deposit (Do it yourself only)

In addition to the rental fee, a $50 CASH OR CREDIT CARD security deposit will be collected on all do-it-yourself rentals ($50 per order of $100 or less)and COMPLETELY REFUNDED when all equipment is returned on time and in good condition.

See event planner for any neccessary payment schedule.  Any funds paid in advance for an event that is later cancelled are non-refundable but can be used towar future events minus cost of work that has been performed.

Cancellation Policy


Pick Up/Delivery

All equipment should be ready for pick-up on arranged date. Table and chairs should be folded and stacked. Most equipment is not weather proof. Please provide the appropriate attention! Delivery fees are associated with most items even in areas where it may not be mentioned on website/brochures.


Payment is due before items are released to a customer. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Local personal checks are accepted with a valid drivers license.

Miscellaneous Information

Don’t cancel your function. prepare a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Remember too. We don’t cancel because of weather. That choice is left up to the customer.