You don’t need a green thumb to keep your plants or cut flowers healthy and thriving-in fact, you don’t need to do much at all.  With just a little attention to appropriate lighting, watering and temperature, your plant(s) will be a beautiful reminder of the person who gave it to you for many months to come.  Remember when you are caring for a plant(s) in your home or office, to move it to a sink or water safe area.  Water the plant(s) and allow excess water to run out the bottom of the pot into a sink, bucket or saucer. Prune leaves or blossoms that are past their prime and do not allow dropped leaves or debris to collect on top of the soil inside the pot to decrease the chance of pests or diseases. Wipe the leaves with a soft damp cloth to make the leaves shine and return the plant to it’s pot and then to it’s setting.


The roses are charming, but very sophisticated and pretentious flowers too. There are some tricks to prolong the rose’s life:

· It would be good, if it’s any possibility, to be conserved in a cold place, even the fridge, but not near the other products, for a few hours, after bought them.

Cut the stem at a very sharp angle under the water and than let the water to flow over the stems for 3 minutes.

Soften the base of the stem into mint oil before put in the vase.

· Add some lemon drops into flower’s water or a little salt.

· Introduce the roses till flower in a tall and full of water vase than leave them in a dark cold place even for 24 hours.

· For bacteria to be destroyed, add a drop of disinfecting substance in flowers water.

· The roses need to stay in tall vases, filled with warm water.

· You have to change the water daily.



The tulip’s availability, as a cut flower, is from 8 to 10 days. The tulip doesn’t bear the water privation and the warmth. For a better hydration, you need to cut the white base of the stem under the water and put it in a cold, without draught space, into cold and fresh water. To maintain the water’s freshness and the flower’s natural colors, attach some small branches of Tuia. You can also put a metal coin. To avoid the tulip’s declension, you have to fill the vase with water or to wrap the flower into a paper, because the stem will turn towards the light.



The punks of the lily have their different opening phase, that the flower lives in water more than 1, maybe 2 weeks. For a long availability, you got to avert the full-blown flower’s stamens, before the pollen will spot the petals, fading them. To prolong the lily’s life, add in the water a spoon of white vinegar (it applies to the gladioluses, anemones too).



The chrysanthemum is one of the most resistant cut flower and it will decorate your house for a long time, more than 2 weeks. By hybridization, the chrysanthemum has a several numbers of petals, multiple colors, forms and sizes. For the best hydration, you’ll smash or cut the stem at a very sharp angle, eliminate the base leafs of the stem. A bouquet of chrysanthemum flowers has to be disposed in a large vase, so the flowers will not be crowded. You need to change frequently the water in the vase and powder the flowers with water, because the chrysanthemum loves the humidity.



The orchids will decorate your
place for 1 or 2 weeks, maybe more, if you offer them the best conditions. It’s
important for you to know that the orchid, being an exotic flower, prefer a 26
degrees temperature. After gathering, the flowers have to be left in a cold space (10-15 degrees) for a couple of hours. Than pu