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Pricing Info

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707 West Coleman Hammond, La 70403



  • Free wedding consultation
  • Wedding Party Table Decoration
  • Your choice of Wedding Prop
  • Kneeling Bench
  • Candle Lighter
  • Isle Decoration (up to ten)
  • Ice Sculpture



  • Wedding Party Table Decoration
  • 80-100 Chair Covers with sash
  • Skirting for wedding cake table

Specialty Packages

  • Photo Booth $600
  • Premier DJ Package $450
  • Chocolate Fountain $325
  • Officiant $225
  • Security Detail $150
  • Action Lighting $150
  • Throne Chair Packages Available
  • Food Packages Available

Contemporary Party Packages



  • Inflatable* or Game Package (3hrs)
  • Your choice of:
  • Popcorn or Cotton Candy Machine
  • Balloons
  • Includes tables chairs white table cloths*



  • Inflatable & Game Package (3hrs)
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Popcorn Machine Cart
  • Snow Cone Machine
  • Bubble Machine
  • Includes tables and chairs

(Includes floss, popcorn, syrup, bubble fluid & cones for 50 people)


$ 900

  • Free Building (2hr) w/80 person minimum.
  • Food included
  • Table Cloths

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Contemporary Party & Wedding  @ Birdies Florist


Store Hours Monday through Thursday 10am –5pm

 Friday & Saturday: Appointments only

 After hours consulting available

We accept MasterCard, Visa & American Express & Discover

 Financing Options Available

We deliver and set up or you can pick up!

 707 West Coleman Hammond La 70403

Rental Fees

We have created this meeting package and presentation to assist in making your planning process easier and your dreams come true. This package and presentation is intended to provide all the centrals to ensure your success of your event!

Thank you for allowing us to submit a bid for your event. Below you will find a list of what we offer and the price for each item. You can pick and choose and customize the event according to your individual needs. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Rental fees for indoor meeting space include tables, chairs and basic white linen. Fees apply for additional decor. Contact as for specific questions.

Event Center Space:

Legacy Room 1200sq ft

Divine Room 900sq ft

Set up/teardown and cleaning fees reply.

We do require a nonrefundable deposit of half the amount plus a signed contract to hold your date. Deposit will be applied toward the final bill. We also require a security to be present during the entire time your event is going on. If the security guards are dismissed early then we reserve the right to stop the event at that time. This is to protect the venue as well as your function. Securities must be licensed in the state of Louisiana and security guards must wear for uniform at all times. We reserve the right to secure additional security resources. We do offer a discount on the room prices based upon the amount of food purchased. Please inquire about this discount.