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In order to submit a request to our participating vendors, you are required to provide personal contact information about yourself. For your request to be processed, you must enter a Contact Name, Phone Number, and E-mail Address. Your Contact Info along with the Event Details you have specified will be made available to our participating vendors who wish to contact you. Your information we will be available for 72 hours and we allow up to 5 vendors* to request and view the Contact Info provided by you. If and when your information has reached the 5th vendor and/or the 72 hours has expired, your request is removed from our system, and is no longer available to future participating vendors.

The information collected by Contemporary Party & Wedding is for the sole purpose of fulfilling the needs set forth by the user. At no time is your information sold and/or made available to any third party for unspecified services.

It is up to our participating vendors as to how they wish to use the information obtained through our service. In no way do we suggest to our vendors, to use provided contact info in any other manner other than to contact a user regarding the specific needs indicated in their service request. In some cases, our vendors may archive collected information for future promotions and advertising. In such cases, Contemporary Party cannot be held accountable for the actions of our participating vendors.

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