Bridal Show Coming Soon

We are a premier event venue inHammond in Louisiana.  View The Contemporary Event Center, taste our exceptional menu items, and minglewith some of the areas finest. We are ready and willing to make your dream event come true!

Why should I attend?  Well, from our point of view experience is the only way to really answer the questions you have such as:  What is the best most unique way to tour the venue?   How will the food taste? What will the room look like during my big event? What will the atmosphere be like with music and lighting?  We can answer those questions!  You can bring a group and get feedback from your family and friends all while you experience a great environment.

During your experience, one of our staff will be able to take you around to see all we have to offer. Invite all your bridesmaids, parents, etc.  We hope you will join us during the show and allow us to show you our wonderful facility and experience all we have to offer!


Call us today with any questions!